Available from:

Day 1

Production time:

Level 1: 15 seconds Level 2: 30 minutes

Max Level:



1,000£ , 500 Iron, 500 Wood, 500 Oil

Moral Increase:


Other Effects:

Allows production of Armored Cars

 The first building unit that gives users the ability to recruit units other than Infantry, the Workshop is a staple of the S1914 community. With a low cost to build, and the ability to produce the Armored Car , the workshop is a necessary building right from the beginning of the game.

The Workshop, being able to be built up two levels, is the prelude to the Factory , which becomes available to the player after Day 8, and a level two workshop. The trade off to its low cost and early build time, is its long production time, with a level 2 only producing a single Armored Car every 1 day. It is also a relatively weak building and doesn't provide the production bonus a Factory does. Its weak health means that it is among the first buildings destroyed when a city falls under seige.

Workshop Production times Level 1 Level 2
Armored Car 2 days 1 Day