Attack Strength Land/Sea:


Land/water speed:

36/21 kmh

Production time:

4 days divided by factory level


20.000£, 5.000 iron and 3.000 oil

Requirement to Build:

Level 2 Factory



Tanks are the Basic Heavy mobile unit of S1914. With an average damage output of 4, this unit, while being in the mid range of cost units, it has some of the best Damage:Cost ratio's in the game, with one tank increasingunit and are usually in the thick of the fight, attacking Infantry, and other units at close range. Being more heavily armored, and powerful than the Armored Car , the Tank is thus slower, however, in a fight, a tank in much more useful than an AC. The main purpose of the tank is to smash the enemy line, and thus should be included with your Main army, with Artillary support. 

Attributing to the Powerful ability of the Tank, it is not unnormal to see sever armies the damage ability of an army tremendously. Requiring a Level 2 factory , these heavily armored units dont usually show up until day 19 or 21, possibly sooner if Gold Mark, the premium currency of S1914 is used to speed up production.

Unlike Artillery , Tanks are a close combat in the later stages of the game consisting of mostly tanks. Their speed, the same as Infantry, make them the perfect counterpart of the Heavy armies of later matches. 


To the right: One Tank Brigade along with 1 infantry brigades located in a Swedish city. The upper picture is in Pin style, and the bottom one is in Icon style (can be changed by right-clicking anywhere on the map and choosing army paint mode).

Travel speed of Tank

Home province Foreign province Enemy province At sea
No railway 36 km/h 25 km/h 12.5 km/h 21 km/h
Railway 90 km/h 62.5 km/h 31 km/h - -