This page outlines why this wiki was created and what is allowed and not allowed.


This wiki was created to help aid users in progressing there skill and knowledge of Supremacy 1914. This wiki is designed for educational purposes.


1) No discussion of Warez or suggesting how to hack java to get free goldmarks. There is a zero tolerance policy for this.

2) Using this wiki to belittle alliances or players is prohibited.

3) English is the default language of this wiki, only use English here.

4) Revealing information that may not be considered fair use.

5) Anything that violates Wikia policies violates our policies.

6) Edgeman reserves the right to change the S1914 wiki ToS at any time without notice. 

7) Edgeman reserves the right to remove editors from this wiki under reason(s) not stated above, if deemed necessary for the greater good of his wiki.