Land/Water Speed:

--/30 km/h

Production time:

6 days, divided by factory level


15,000£, 3,000 iron, 2,000 coal, 2,000 oil


Factory Level 2, Harbour


Limited to Naval Pack, and Gold Round Games (Currently Available to all games)

Submarines are a premium unit of Supremacy 1914. They're a stealth unit making them a force to be reckoned  with on the high seas. As long as submarines do not attack, they are invisible to the enemy. Should an enemy cross paths with one of your submarines, it would become visible and engage that unit and as soon as combat is over, the submarine would submerge again and can no longer be targetted by long ranged weapons such as the guns of a Battleship or Light Cruiser

This makes the Submarine a very effective first-strike unit that can be used to attack enemy battleships, the psychological effect of employing submarines can be such that your enemies would never send his precious, expensive battleships into your waters where there are submarines present.

This makes submarines very effective in defending coastal areas, in addition to allowing you to put blockades in strategically important sea routes.

Currently there are only two ways to detect hostile submarines. Either by patrolling with aircraft or directly interacting with the submarine.


To the right: One Submarine unit located off the south Coast of Africa on the Middle East Map. The upper picture is in icon style, and the bottom one is in pin style (can be changed by right-clicking anywhere on the map and choosing army paint mode).

Your Territory Foreign Territory Enemy Territory Sea

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30 km/h