SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-Intelligence Terrorism Revenge and Extortion) was founded in 2010. They are a competitive and selective alliance. New recruits are voted in by members.
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Winners of the 2011 official alliance tournament. Currently undefeated on there alliance page, though they were defeated in the official alliance tournament in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. Some members of SPECTRE were moderators, super moderators, and or admins for Supremacy 1914 such as bitter90 and Baron von Müchhausen.

Code of ConductEdit

SPECTRE's CoC can be found here.

Win-Lose Record on Alliance PageEdit

Alliance Win or loss
Ordo fraturm Win
Chaos Regins Win
Die Dinkle Win
soilders of leaders Win
Kampfgruppe Win
eUnited Kingdom


Contact PersonEdit

nemchenk: Inquires


Member (as of 8-16-14) Title Active?
nemchenk Leader Inactive
Baron von Müchhausen Moderator Inactive
bitter90 Moderator Retired
Aphlaone Member Inactive
knigth errant Member Inactive
petrie000 Member Inactive
vathek Member Retired
Brusilov Member Inactive
yonus Member Inactive
TheKurgan Member Inactive
Hajji Member Inactive
RickyD Member Inactive
Camilo Member Inactive
Jagdpanther Member Inactive
Artan Member Inactive
carracalla Member Inactive
Bunberry Member Inactive


SPECTRE's website can be found here.


Max66 has stated that SPECTRE is looking for new recruits as of 6-02-13. He has resigned from SPECTRE leave the alliances with only inactive/retired members.