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Nulli Secundus (NUSE) is a competitive and selective English speaking alliance, founded by Charles Krauthammer.


NUSE is a Skype based alliance with a team based system. Recruitment is capped at 25 members. This alliance recruits member regardless of country. The phrase Nulli Secundus is latin for second to none.

Our Goals[]

NUSE is currently ranked 29th overall and 3rd among English speaking alliances. In the short term NUSE plans on establishing themselves among the S1914 community and continuing to rebuild and reorganize in order to challenge top ranked alliances. Moreover, NUSE long term goal is to build and maintain a lasting team of dedicated players and continue our march up the leader boards. 

Scheduling Matches[]

NUSE not be accepting challenges until after July 1st to give them more time to hammer out details and create internal teams. After July 1st feel free to contact Abtar by PM or in game to discuss a possible match. NUSE doesn't use GM and will only accept challenges from other non-GM teams. 

Alliance Rules[]

No GM use in any alliance or internal games. If GMs are used intentionally in an alliance or internal match it is grounds for immediate removal from the alliance. Accidental GM use will be reviewed on a case by case basis and regular accidental use will be grounds for removal. Members are free to do as they please in open public games.

An unexplained absence of more than one month is grounds for removal. If you are going out of town or have to take a break for a bit just let a moderator know.

Catch-all don’t be a jerk rule: Treat alliance members and moderators as you would like to be treated. If you have an issue with someone in the alliance bring it up to a moderator or the alliance leader. We reserve the right to remove anyone that is disruptive to the alliance.


Must have minimum rank of Captain.

Must agree to not use GM in internal and alliance games.

Must be able to use Skype and log in at least twice per day.

Must be able to log in to games at least twice per day and participate in regular internal and alliance matches.

Must be able to read and type English.

Must play in a game with us and be evaluated or have one of our alliance moderators vouch for you.

Once these conditions are met the candidate will be discussed by the alliance leadership and a yes or no decision will be made.


NUSE Forum

Contact Persons[]

Leader- abtar

Moderator- mccragge

Moderator- bjorn2in

Moderation Staff[]

NUSE has one current members who are members of the English Staff for S1914; abtar. Jaws (formerly known as Shadowier) and Sassy2 were members of NUSE.

Record (As of 8/16/14)[]

Alliance Name W/L
The Silver Naval Academy 2W
Xcution 2W
Cuckoo Nest 2W
The Black Scorpion Mafia 2W
FRG-BundesWehr W
Defenders of Middle Earth W
Omega Company W
Log1x W
Fidei Defensor W
Blue Sun Corporation W
Silent Warriors W
52th Oxfordshire W
Dark Lords of War W
The Black Jacks W
Designated Opponents L
Rommel is geen troep L
Here Comes the Boom L
Tssar is Sexy L
United Resistance Front L

Roster (As of 8/16/14)[]

Player Name Rank
abtar Leader
mccragee Moderator
bjorn2in Moderator
White Havoc Member
Greybeard Member
Vitorg Member
deanthomo Member
towndrunk Member
lord_choasium Member
DWarriors Member
Jiminus Member
BishBashBosh Member
Nordic_fighter Member
Reglius Member
Kamicazes Member
ebussy Member
Count Marcus Member
Irabrai Member
Knfanau Member
Lockstock N Smoking Member
The Viscount Member
Obamala Member
DaGangsta Member
dharan Member
Nastymillers Member