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Light Cruiser
Fr cr 47.gif



Land/Sea Speed:

-- / 40 km/h


15,000£, 3,000 iron ore, 2,000 coal, 2,000 oil

Requirements to Build:

Factory level 1 and a harbour in the same province


40 Km


Yes, with Limitations

The Light Cruiser, also known in chat as the CL, is a Naval Unit of Supremacy 1914. Mainly used early on in almost all games where it is available, the CL is capable of providing a fast, albeit weaker alternative to the more expensive Battleship. Many players would compare these ships to be the naval version of the Armored Car

At a relatively low cost per unit, it is not uncommon to see many of these ships being used for amphibious assaults up until late game and end of the match. Many people find that the combination of one Battleship and two light cruisers are often sufficient in providing adequate protection of their naval vessels.

Due to Light Cruiser's shorter range it is difficult to attack battleships with them alone. Also due to the Light Cruiser's shorter range, when attacking land targets some land based artillery such as the Railgun can often destroy a CL due to their longer range. A Submarine on the other hand is a terrible foe for the Light Cruiser since it can sneak up to it and directly attack the Cruiser in close combat. The simple possibility of the presence of enemy submarines is enough to pose as an ongoing psychological threat. A submarine's strength is 4, so 2-3 submarines will easily take down a battleship, while only one is required to destroy a Light Cruiser.

It is common to see Light Cruisers paired with Infantry, even though it is a much faster vessel. Similar to the tactics adopted by many more experienced players with the Battleship. While this tactic does slow down the Cruiser, it provides a substantial amount of protection when bombarding coastal or naval targets.