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Europe 1910 Historic

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No, only available for Goldrounds

The historic scenario is a map with the historically correct borders of 1910. It is essentially the same map as Europe 1914, but with new borders to represent as accurately as possible those of the year 1910. For instance, if Belgium controlled The Netherlands and Switzerland in Europe 1914, all three are separate NPC countries in Europe 1910 Historic.

Nations both differ in size and population. Production of a province is, in contrast to the standard scenario, dependant on the population of the province. This map is highly unbalanced even in the initial setup of the troops reflecting the very different military strength of the nations of that time.

The German Empire leads the Central powers being the strongest country on the map but is off-set by its ally Bulgaria which is the weakest. The Entente countries are much more balanced, being roughly equally strong. The central powers can take advantage of being close to each other, while the Entente is divided with Russia fighting its own front. Nevertheless, the teams are balanced, and victory is only determined by skill and team-work.

This map can only be played with the scenario teams as either the Entente (Britain, France, Italy, Russia) or the Central Powers (German Empire, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria). Europe 1910 is only available as an optional feature for Goldrounds.

A full-sized layout of the map can be found here.