Production time:

3 days

Max level:



10.000£, 10.000 Wood

Morale increase:


Production/Disembark increase:

+25% / -50%

Harbours decrease embarking and disembarking time at their location, as well as increasing resource production in their province by 25%.

Harbours are one of the more luxurious buildings in the game, and are out of the question for some nations near the start of the game. While some nations have an excess of wood (such as Sweden and Spain) and should consider building a few harbours near the beginning, many others (such as Morocco) may want to save their wood for other vital and less expensive buildings. The main advantage of harbours lies in the fact that they are free to operate once constructed.

However, the disembark advantage they give is by far their most minor benefit. While you should be sure to place them in the correct location so as to speed up movement along that route, it is more important to put them on provinces with resources you desperately need (for example, on Sweden's coal or grain) for their valuable 25% resource production boost. Finally, keep in mind that you need them (along with a level 3 or 4 factory) to produce Battleships in that province!