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Europe 1914

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Europe 1914 (or the "10 player map") is a free map that hosts up to 10 players. It's the oldest of the current maps, and is popular in alliance- and tournament games. Resources are highly unevenly distributed on the map and oil is a scarce resource. While Morocco may be the single largest oil producent on the map (and one of two countries with more than one single-oil province), it has zero lumber and little grain. On the other hand Spain has a large abudancy of lumber and iron ore, but has a severe shortage of energy resources.

Europe 1914 is the only map that can be played with all the three team modes (No Teams, Free Teams and Scenario Teams). While playing the map with the scenario teams, Denmark becomes a playable country in the neutral team.

The NPC countries on the map are: Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Belgium and Portugal.

A full size map with resources visible can be found by clicking here.

A table over the resources of every playable country (except Denmark):