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COBRA is a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world. They are usually led by the ruthless COBRA Commander, although others have at times usurped control. COBRA is a selective and competitive alliance that recruits via recruitment games. COBRA is a current member alliance of Players Alliance League (PAL). They are part of PAL's Red Division.

Call Of The COBRA[]


Our original membership is made up of ex-QMR Veterans Team members. We are a Skype based alliance that has two goals in mind. Winning and having a good time. We look for an understanding of the game and activity in our membership and recruit only from individuals who we play with.

Our insignia, COBRA, is reminicient of the criminal syndicate the are the nemesis to the G.I. Joe team. Every member upon full entry is given a codename that mirrors a COBRA member to use in alliance matches along with our flag and corresponding avatar.

We are currently taking a break from destruction and world domination to exercise our supremacy on S1914. We will gladly accept recruits who are both skilled and morally flexible.

Known Members (As of 6/12/13)[]

Supremacy Name CODE NAME:
John Galt The Cobra Commander - Out There Somewhere
Maastrict Xamot - Acting Commander
Cromust Decimator
Roland  Copperhead
Scmoo Doctor Mindbender
Correon Destro
Warriors Empire Major Bludd
DoGeeseSeeGod COBRA Call Sign Unknown
ImNumBA-1 Wild Weasel
Kara Murat Ghost Bear
Grendel COBRA Call Sign Unknown- on hiatus
OutOfMyMind Guillotine
coreyac COBRA Call Sign Unknown
Smithyx4 COBRA Call Sign Unknown
Makise Kurisu COBRA Call Sign Unknown
Son of Perdition COBRA Call Sign Unknown
Sir Pignans Vanguard
Alliance Name (Challenge Record) W/L
The Silver Naval Academy W
United States Marine Corps W
Brothers in Arms W
The Death Squad W
Wolves W
The Marines W
Omega Company W
Chain of Command 1W 1L
Section 8 1W 1L
Rommel is geen troep L

Contact Persons[]

PAL matches- Scmoo or Cromust

Other inquiries- Maastricht