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Land/water speed:

-- / 30 km/h


50,000£, 15,000 iron ore, 5,000 lumber, 10,000 coal, 5,000 oil

Requirements to build:

Factory level 3 and a harbour in the same province


75 km



The Battleship, abbreviated in Chat and the Forums as "BB" or "BS" is a naval unit of Supremacy 1914. The Battleship, commonly employed in Battle Groups, or Flotillas, are considered by many to be a staple of the Game. It is not uncommon to see late player games with navies of 20-30 Battleships patrolling the seas.

The battleship is among the most expensive mechanized units in the game. It is considered a more versatile and mobile alternative to the railgun, though its bombardment radius is not as expansive. 

A common use of the battleship is as a support craft for maritime operations with infantry. The battleship's large range can inflict heavy damage on defensive fortifications while simultaneously reducing available troops or forcing troops to evacuate the province in question. Without such support, the enemy could take advantage of the time troops are disembarking, and therefore limited to fractional strength, to inflict proportionally greater causalities that during standard conflict.  

The best ways to take down an enemy battleship include the use of railguns, fighters or bombers. All of their ranges of fire are considerably greater than the battleship's. However, since railguns are very slow moving and requires railroads and fighters and bombers requires aerodrome all of these three "BS-busters" are relatively stationary troops in comparison to the battleship. The battleship is highly versatile is capable of moving at 30 km/h on the sea, the same as any other naval unit. So a battleship can easily take advantage of weak spots if the player knows the position of his enemy's forces.

Due to Light Cruiser's short range it is difficult to attack battleships with them alone. A submarine on the contrary is a terrible foe for the battleship since it can sneak up to it and directly attack the battleship in close combat. Only the possibility of there being enemy submarines somewhere close works as a psychological threat. A submarine's strength is 4, so 2-3 submarine will easily take down a battleship.

A common tactic is to place infantry with the battleship functioning as a "meat-shield", absorbing some damage during periods of exposure to enemy weaponary. This tactic, however, significantly reduces the speed of the battleship, leading to a trade-off situation.