Supremacy1914 Wiki
Observation Balloons

Strength Land(Sea)/Air:


Land/Water Speed:

21/21 km/h


5,000£, 1,000 lumber, 1,000 gas

Requirements to Build:

Factory Level 1

Range of Sight:

240 km


Limited, Gold Round, or Air Pack only

Balloons are a gold unit of S1914, and are tools for reconnaissance and can largely improve the range of sight of ground units, but they possess hardly any attack or defense strength. Thanks to their high range of sight you can detect enemy units much easier and faster. The same applies for targets for your high range weapons (artillery, railguns, and airplanes). The range of sight is equal to the operation range of railguns which makes them a good combination. Balloons are very vulnerable to any kind of enemy fire, especially to attacks using airplanes.


Balloons are attached to the ground by wires and are not freely maneuverable. Their mobility is limited to the routes all ground forces are bound to.

RTEmagicC balloon rangeOfviewjpg.jpg (1).jpg