Supremacy1914 Wiki



Land/water speed:

25 / 21 km/h

Production time:

4 days divided by factory level


10.000£, 3.000 iron ore, 2.000 oil


Factory Level 1



Artillery are the game's basic ranged weapon, being able to target enemy units without coming directly into contact with them. Artillery are cheap and quick to construct and requiring a level 1 factory can be constructed starting from day 8. Their firing range (50 km on the 10p map and 133 km on the 31p map) is greater than the Light Cruiser's making them a viable coastal defense against them. The Battleship's range is larger, however. The main role of artillery is to act as a support for infantry and other close combat units, and in general should not be used on its own.

Considering the artillery's main advantage on being a ranged unit, it is not advised to use it in direct combat since artillery is only little stronger than an infantry unit with full morale (1,5 vs 1,2). It is wise to station the artillery either with infantry and other close combat units, or behind them. Stationing them with infantry protects the artillery from long range units such as railguns and fighters. Placing them behind them gives more mobility for the artillery as you can move it independently from your main army (or retreat if your main army is being destroyed) and the artillery doesn't have to engage in direct combat if the enemy attacks your main army.

Artillery is an important unit throughout the game. While one artillery unit may not be doing much damage on its own, a group of 10+ artillery batteries will already make a significant difference and will stack the odds for you if your enemy has less. It takes only one day to produce artillery with a level 4 factory.

To the right: Three artillery batteries along with 17 infantry brigades located in a Greek city. The black circle depicts the artillery's range of fire. The upper picture is in icon style, and the bottom one is in pin style (can be changed by right-clicking anywhere on the map and choosing army paint mode).

Travel speed of artillery

Home province Foreign province Enemy province At sea
No railway 25 km/h 18 km/h 9 km/h 21 km/h
Railway 62,5 km/h 43,75 km/h 21,8 km/h - -

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