So you want to get into alliance play, huh? Here is were you start. If you have a soild team and are looking for advanced tricks skip to Alliance Play 101(will make that page soon). This arcticle is directed at alliance leaders and team leaders.

Form Teams or Random Player Selection for Each MatchEdit

Some alliance like COBRA pick there players for matches based on activity level rather then a predetermained team. Though with a predetermained team, you need to also account for activity, skill level, understanding of game mechanics. You can have elite players but if they log in every two days, they are worthless to the team. You may keep these part time guys on your roster but keep them off your main team.

Means of CommunicationEdit

Ether use something like Skype or IRC. Forums are not good for instant communciation.


If your players just say nothing and own, they don't belong on your match team. Anyone who is unwilling to take orders from the team leader should be removed from the team. Coordination means more then just saying "Hey guys the plan is to go kill Austria". 

Drawing Out a Plan of ActionEdit

The team leader should draw out a plan based on map you are playing. That's right you'll draw lines showing were the troops on your team are going to attack. This plan should be done before the peace period is up. Your plan should not have teammates embarking to active human coutries unless you are sure that the countries are unguarded.

Pouching the AI'sEdit

Below are the reason to pouch the AI's. Don't permit your team leader to command his team to pouch AI's not covered in this paragraph. If the team leader goes ahead and tells his teammates to annex Iceland, Belgium, Mainland Portugal you need to sack him.

Reason to pouch AI:

1) Morocco wants to deter nearby foes from entering his country so he invades African Portugal.

2) Austria wants to attack or defend Ottomans so he invades Serbia

3) Ottomans wants to attack or defend Austria so he invades Serbia.

Finding Your TeamEdit

So who is the ideal persons to place on your main match team? Someone who logs in twice a day, has a good understanding of the game and works well with a team.

Making the Tought CallsEdit

You mite have to boot a few guys from the main team. Adjust the teams accordingly. No need to make an example of someone who is not active enough for the main team. If someone is a great players but doesn't work with others in alliance play, remove him from the team. He can keep his membership but is off all match teams.

Remember that the following factors are very important for selecting guys for the main team:

Activity (the most important), team player (second most important), skill and understanding of the game.